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AromaTouch Technique and Therapy Towel
  • AromaTouch Technique and Therapy Towel

    The AromaTouch Technique and Therapy Towel is fast-gaining a reputation as an essential time-saving, inviting, and environmentally-friendly accessory for any Therapist.

    This soft and tailor-made Towel:

    • can reduce the number of towels and costly disposable facial towels you wash, fold, store and use
    • makes your massage table look neater, more professional, inviting and appealing
    • eliminates bulkiness and reduces discomfort for clients
    • is hygienic and easy to clean; and
    • makes clients feel supported, secure and relaxed.

    Made from high quality 100% cotton and conveniently sized for easy storage, it is an essential cost-effective and a time-saving aid for any therapist or home giver.

    • WASHING INSTRUCTIONS for your NEW Towels


      WASHING YOUR TOWEL Always wash separately in warm water before use. Wash dark colours separately and it is recommended not to wash your towels with other garments.


      DO NOT DRY CLEAN. Do not wash your towels with jeans or any clothing items with zips or buttons as thread pulls can sometimes be caused by catching on the towels in the washing machine. It is recommended not to use fabric conditioner as this puts a film on the fibres of the towels making them less absorbent and more likely to pulling.


      DRYING YOUR TOWEL To achieve a softer towel we suggest a short tumble dry after line drying. However it is possible to over dry the towel which will remove the natural moisture content in the fabric, and cause the towel to feel rough. Do not leave your towels wet or damp as this may cause mildew and possible staining.


      PULLED LOOPS Jewellery, watches, school bags, rough outside furniture and even ‘hang nails’ can create a ‘pull’ in the towel. Should this inadvertently happen, DO NOT PULL THE THREAD, just carefully snip the thread with sharp scissors. This will not have a detrimental effect on the life of the towel.


      ABSORBENCY Frequent washing with fabric conditioners or water softeners can reduce the absorbency of your towel, by building up a fine water-resistant layer on the cotton fibers. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using these softeners. If your towels do not absorb water as well as when you first bought them, wash them a couple of times without softener and line or tumble dry.


      LINTING, FLUFFING OR PILLING It is normal for new towels to lint, fluff or pill. Velour towels will sometimes fluff or lint more than a terry towel. In the event that your towels have excessive linting, please wash them separately two or three times to remove the surface lint/fluff. Tumble drying also assists in the removal of fluff. Remember to clean out the filters on your washing machine and Tumble dryer.


      REMOVING STAINS Stains on towels from make up or sun tan lotion should be soaked in warm soapy water and then wash as directed.


      FADING COLOURS Some washing powders contain optical brighteners. Please wash your towels in a washing product that is designed for coloured washes. Always follow manufacturer’s instructions. Uneven fading can occur if washing powders or detergent come into direct contact with the towel. Some regular household products such as bleach, toilet cleaners or some beauty treatments can bleach or cause colour changes to your towel. If the chemicals come into direct contact with your towel, gently wash in cold water before washing as normal.