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Roam Diffuser and Balance

Roam Diffuser and Balance

The doTERRA Roam Portable Diffuser is a handy essential oil diffuser with a compact design to make it easier for anyone to enjoy the benefits of diffusing essential oils whereever they go!


If fits most vehicle cup holders so you can enjoy you favourite essential oil belnds wherever you are travelling to, and it's super handy so you can bring it to your workplace to transform your cubicle or worksesk (or wherever work is) into a place of zen.


The doTERRA Roam Portable Diffuser comes with a USB and works with a power bank, car outlet ot a laptop/computer. You can also plug it into a wall outlet with a USB adapter. 


You can set it to run continuously or intermittently (20 seconds on/20 seconds off) with a simple push of a button.


You can also choose between HIGH mist or LOW mist outputs.


It has a sleek design witha gray colour, and very easy to clean.


doTERRA Balance Blend is the quinessential claming and grounding blend. Perfect for alleivating road stress and work stress! Enjoy this perfect duo!

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