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Healthy Habits Starter Pack

Healthy Habits Starter Pack

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$395.00Sale Price
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Start building the rock-solid habits that lay the groundwork for better health and wellbeing. Our Healthy Habits Starter Pack features six of our bestselling essential oils and blends, alongside the wellness supplements and products you need for everyday wellbeing.

  • Includes:

    • Lavender 5mL
    • Frankincense 5mL
    • dōTERRA Balance® 5mL
    • On Guard® 5mL
    • Wild Orange 5mL
    • Easy Air® 5mL
    • Ice Blue® Stick
    • PB Assist®+
    • TerraZyme™
    • Microplex VMz®
    • xEO Mega®
    • Alpha CRS+®
    • FREE Wholesale Membership
    • Welcome Kit