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I’m so happy you’re here!
Diamond Club is an opportunity for you, if you are feeling pulled to reach your next level and you want the accountability + structure to get there.

It’s a supportive space for you to bring your dreams into real life as you create big momentum through a 4 month period.

You’re on this page, because you’re requesting my sponsorship through diamond club.

I have 3 things I need you to do:


Go through the content below:


Click the button below for Days 1-10 of our Momentum Model:

Review our team diamond club page:



Complete this application:

Have you completed the mentor calls in our momentum model?

( At a minimum, you and your builders should go through Days 1 - 10 before you start Diamond Club: www.livingwithessentialoils/dailymentorcalls )

Are the sharers/builders on your team aware of how to properly sample people before hosting a class for you?

( See Mentor Call content on Days 1 - 5: www.livingwithessentialoils/dailymentorcalls )

Do you have a sampling plan in place?
Are you planning to attend Leadership Retreat?
Would you be interested in attending a fortnightly group mentor session in our Diamond Club Growth Lounge?

It would be a collaborative offering with myself and our fellow LWEO team DC Alumni - streaming into a private FB group. Taking questions etc.

As soon as you hear back from me and

the other 2 people you’ve requested

sponsorship from:

fire off your application before 17th January!

Helpful resources for you:


Live Guide

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Sales Guide


Share Guide

Build Guide iPad.png

Build Guide

Launch iPad.png

Launch Guide

Business Building Gude iPad.png

Biz Building Guide

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Diamond Club Guide (USA)

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Diamond Club Planning Checklist

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Monthly Activity Tracker

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Class Planner

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Class Drawing Slips

Expand your contacts

Memory Jogger

Success Tracker

Diamond Rank Planner