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Essential Oils, Love, Relationships + Intimacy

I have been delving into the love, sex, marriage part of essential oils of late.

Obviously it's an exciting place on the surface, but underneath, it's a place of deep meaning and eternal consequence.

I feel like I am just starting to tap into what my WHY is - What I feel is going to make the world a better place.

It is my intention to bring more love and connection within the family unit. Having come from a loving, but somewhat broken family with parents who all had good intentions and wanted the very best just lost the grip of how to keep the connection and ultimately, keep it together. Now that my husband and I are coming up to our 15th wedding anniversary and we are more in love than ever, this topic is something I ponder over a lot.

Realising that this trend is becoming something of a norm, most of our friends' and family's marriages have parted... In the western world, our current rates of divorce are a sad reflection of a lack of priorities and understanding between two individuals where one or both partners are no longer choosing to work at it or put the energy in to the 'team', that is, the relationship. I will even say that a lack of spiritual connection has a part to play too.

The classes that I have given have also opened my eyes to the fact that even though I don't consider myself to have any hangups... But when it comes to talking about sex I am really quite a prude and have my own anxieties about certain words and innuendoes! However, like anything, once I get over myself and realise that the people in the room are there for true support and guidance with what our beautiful essential oils can provide. I am able to serve and be confident.

Statistics say that 10-20% of couples are intimate less than 11 times per year and even approximately 30-40% say that they have very little or no libido.

These staggering results can be attributed to many things, however, we can generalise and say that 'stressors' upon one's emotional, physical and environmental lives pretty much covers it.

Excuses that people have given me as to why they aren't making love more range from children, time, the effects of medications, hormones, and of course exhaustion.

Generally, not many people give the excuse of actual sexual dysfunction. Thus meaning that we need to truly support our entire lives as a whole is what is key. This is called SELF CARE.

Bringing in more self care (also known as filling our cup) is going to enable us to be in the mood when that special date night comes!

So many people who are givers are running on empty and are not able to take from the intimacy cup because they are so tired/stressed/etc.

All I can say is the learning, the recipes (from lubricants to linen sprays!) and dialogue that have come from these evenings are so insightful and full of inspired people hanging out to give their partner a loving massage and huge hug is the best thing ever.

I hope to bring more of these classes to people everywhere <3 :-)

With love and light always!!

Jodi xo

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