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The pivot...

With the events of this last week or so, I, like many people, am faced with the 'opportunity' (thinking positively here) to work from home + utilise the online setting to educate people with regards to wellness + essential oil usage! We already do educate our team of doTERRA customers + wellness advocates through our closed Facebook community, so the online idea isn't completely new, but to be approaching the ones out there in WWW land, is a new thing all together! Ok, I know, our blog has not been anything to write home about these last few years!! So don't judge us on that :-)

So let's get off with my (Jodi's) thought of the day:

It is our duty to be confident in our body's capacity + innate desire to self-heal + stay alive. To retain faith in life, love and compassion as we restore humanity through our good deeds and generous hearts.

We are told that coronavirus is a mild flu that will not harm 99+% of the population.

However, despite all rational knowledge - This last week as intelligent people have grown more + more nervous about being exposed to coronavirus or for the mere fact that grocery stores have empty shelves. We are left with the idea that a vast portion of our fellow humans are dead-set scared. To the point of buying a ridiculous + somewhat selfish amounts of toilet paper, ineffective paper masks, pasta + frozen or freezable goods. We're left thinking, really? For this?

So regardless of how much you are hoarding in your home - I want to let you know that in our house, we are more than content to live on dahl + rice for a while. Or Dahl and homemade Naan if need be.

Hopefully Marley Spoon with continue to operate as I love how much my husband is cooking these days!

I have pictured some On Guard, the protective blend, products here in this post for the reason that these are another item that have sold out or are currently selling out from doTERRA as I write this. Originally, we were told that the world's supply of On Guard was vast + plentiful, only to have it immediately removed due to some scarcity sods buying more than their fair share. Not happy Jan.

Most people who are familiar with essential oils, know what a champion brand On Guard is. You can check out an incredible study all about On Guard HERE.

We have chosen to trust in supply, in the world and in you by extending our love of On Guard to you for the rest of March by giving you a free one with any $200 order through our retail website.

Side note:

If the world goes to poop + you really want to make some On Guard... You can if you want to! Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Rosemary are the 5 essential oils required to make the On Guard blend. We don't know amounts as it's doTERRA's proprietary blend + they can't tell us everything, but my organoleptic guess is: 2:1:1:1:1

Whether you need or choose to use On Guard, that's your call, but atleast give yourself the opportunity to inform yourself of how an integrative approach to wellness can really support your emotional AND physical state right now!

Be sure to tune into some of my up + coming online classes + be prepared to take more control of your health, your sanity + the wellbeing of your loved ones too!

With love + light from the Blue Mountains!

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