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Application methods:

Ⓐ : Can be used aromatically
Ⓣ : Can be used topically
Ⓘ : Can be used internally


Skin sensitivity:

Ⓝ : Can be used topically no dilution
Ⓢ : Dilute for young or sensitive skin
Ⓓ : Dilute before using topically


Please note these are only a handful of common uses for each oil, there are many more.


Arborvitae ⒶⓉⓃ

• Protects against environmental and seasonal threats

• Powerful cleansing and purifying agent

• Natural insect repellent and wood preservative

Basil ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Acts as a cooling agent for the skin

• Promotes mental alertness and lessens anxious feelings when diffused

• May help to ease monthly feminine discomfort*

Bergamot ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Calming and soothing aroma

• Provides skin purifying benefits

• Frequently used in massage therapy for its calming benefits

Black Pepper ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• Provides antioxidant support*

• Supports healthy circulation*

• Aids digestion*

• Enhances food flavor

• Soothes anxious feelings*

Cassia ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• Promotes healthy digestion*

• Supports healthy immune function*

• Warming, uplifting aroma

Cardamon ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• May help ease indigestion and maintain overall gastrointestinal health*

• Promotes clear breathing and respiratory health*

• Helps alleviate occasional feelings of stomach discomfort*

• Flavorful spice for cooking and baking

Cedarwood ⒶⓉⓈ

• Naturally repels insects

• Promotes relaxation

Cilantro ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Aids digestion*

• Powerful cleanser and detoxifier*

• Gives food a fresh and tasty flavor

Cinnamon Bark ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• Supports healthy metabolic function*

• Maintains a healthy immune system*

• Naturally repels insects

• Long used to flavor food and for its internal health benefits

Clary Sage ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Promotes healthy-looking hair and scalp

• Promotes a restful night’s sleep

• Calming and soothing to the skin

Clove ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• Powerful antioxidant properties*

• Supports cardiovascular health*

• Helps clean teeth and gums

Coriander ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Promotes digestion*

• Helps maintain a clear complexion

• Promotes relaxation

Cumin ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• Popular spice used in many dishes from around the world

• Supports digestive health and helps to relieve occasional digestive discomfort*

• Purifying to the body’s systems*

Cypress ⒶⓉⓃ

• Promotes vitality and energy

• Helps improve the appearance of oily skin


• Supports digestion and overall GI health* 

• Provides powerful antioxidant protection* 

• Purifying to the body’s systems*

Douglas Fir ⒶⓉⓃ

• Promotes feelings of clear airways and easy breathing

• Cleansing and purifying to the skin

• Promotes a positive mood and sense of focus

Eucalyptus ⒶⓉⓈ

• Helps to clear the mind

• Promotes feelings of relaxation

• Promotes feelings of clear breathing

Fennel ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Promotes healthy digestion*

• Supports a healthy respiratory system*

• May help promote healthy metabolism, liver function, and circulation*

Fractionated Coconut Oil ⓉⒾ

• Softens and soothes dry skin

• Natural emollient to increase essential oil distribution

• Odorless and colorless for easy blending with any essential oil

Frankincense ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Supports healthy cellular function*

• Promotes feelings of relaxation

• Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

Geranium ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• Promotes the appearance of clear, healthy skin

• Naturally repels insects

• Gives hair a vibrant, healthy glow

Ginger ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• May help to support healthy digestion*

• May help to reduce bloating, gas, and occasional indigestion*

• May help reduce occasional nausea*

Grapefruit ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Improves the appearance of blemishes

• Supports healthy metabolism*

• Uplifts mood

Helichrysum ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Improves appearance of the skin

• May help promote a healthy metabolism*

Jasmine ⒶⓉⓃ

• Accelerates Metabolism*

• Aids Digestion* 

• Supports Circulation*

• Aphrodisiac*

Juniper Berry ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Supports healthy kidney and urinary tract function*

• Acts as a natural skin toner

• Acts as a natural cleansing and detoxifying agent*

• Has a calming, grounding effect

Lavender ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Soothes occasional skin irritations

• Taken internally, Lavender reduces anxious feeling and promotes peaceful sleep*

• Helps ease feelings of tension.*

Lemon ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Cleanses and purifies the air and surfaces

• Naturally cleanses the body and aids in digestion*

• Supports healthy respiratory function*

• Promotes a positive mood

Lemongrass ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• Supports healthy digestion when taken in a capsule*

• Combine with a carrier oil for soothing massage

• Apply diluted after a long run for a refreshing feeling


• Supports healthy immune function*

• Positively affects mood with stimulating and refreshing properties

• Used as an aromatic, topical, and internal cleanser*

• Promotes emotional balance and well-being

Marjoram ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Valued for its calming properties and positive effect on the nervous system*

• Supports a healthy immune system*

• May promote a healthy cardiovascular system*

Melaleuca/Tea Tree ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Renowned for its cleansing and rejuvenating effect on the skin

• Promotes healthy immune function*

• Protects against environmental and seasonal threats*

Melissa ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• May help to support a healthy immune system*

• Calms tension and nerves

• Promotes feelings of relaxation

Myrrh ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Powerful cleansing properties, especially for the mouth and throat

• Soothing to the skin; promotes a smooth, youthful-looking complexion

• Promotes emotional balance and well-being

Oregano ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• Used as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent

• Supports a healthy immune system*

• Supports healthy digestion and respiratory function*

• Offers powerful antioxidants*

Patchouli ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Grounding, balancing effect on emotions

• Promotes a smooth, glowing complexion

• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, blemishes, and skin imperfections

Peppermint ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• Promotes healthy respiratory function and clear breathing*

• Promotes digestive health*

• Repels bugs naturally

Pettigrain ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• May help support healthy cardiovascular function*

• May provide antioxidant support*

• May support healthy immune function*

• May help promote a restful sleep*

Roman Chamomile ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Has a calming effect on the skin, mind, and body*

• Soothes the systems of the body*

• May help support healthy immune system function*


• Balance skin

• Skin Perfecting

• Uplifting

• Highest Vibrating essential oil.*

Rosemary ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Supports healthy digestion*

• Supports healthy respiratory function*

• Helps reduce nervous tension and fatigue

Sandalwood Hawaiian ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Promotes healthy-looking, smooth skin

• Reduces the appearance of skin imperfections

• Enhances mood

• Frequently used in meditation for its grounding and uplifting properties

Sandalwood Indian ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Promotes healthy looking, smooth skin

• Reduces the appearance of scars and skin imperfections

• Enhances mood

• Frequently used in meditation for its grounding and uplifting properties

Spearmint ⒶⓉⒾⓈ

• Promotes digestion and helps reduce occasional stomach upset*

• Promotes a sense of focus and uplifts mood

• Cleanses the mouth and promotes fresh breath

Spikenard ⒶⓉⓃ

• Uplifting aroma

• Promotes feelings of calmness and relaxation

• Frequently used in aromatherapy and meditation for its grounding properties

• Purifying to the skin

Tangerine ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Contains powerful antioxidants*

• Cleansing and purifying

• Supports a healthy immune system*

Thyme ⒶⓉⒾⒹ

• Cleansing and purifying effect for the skin

• Supports a healthy immune system*

• Naturally repels insects

Vetiver ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Calming, grounding effect on emotions

• Immune-supporting properties*

White Fir ⒶⓉⓃ

• Evokes feelings of stability

• Calming effect

Wild Orange ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Powerful cleanser and purifying agent

• Protects against seasonal and environmental threats

• Provides antioxidants, which are essential to overall health*

• Uplifting to the mind and body

Wintergreen (Nepalese) ⒶⓉⓈ

• Great for a warming soothing massage after exercise

• Has a refreshing aroma that’s uplifting and stimulating

• Frequently used in gum, candy, and toothpaste for flavoring

Ylang Ylang ⒶⓉⒾⓃ

• Provides antioxidant support*

• Promotes appearance of healthy skin and hair

• Lifts mood while having a calming effect

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