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🎙 your audio coaching for today:

🗒 your actions for today:

“Not following up with your prospects is the same as filling up your bathtub without first putting the stopper in the drain.” - Michelle Moore

Sales Statistics:

2% of Sales are made on the 1st contact

3% on 2nd contact

5% on 3rd contact

10% on 4th contact

80% on 5th to 12th contact

Step#1: The initial call

Step #2: Sample drop off

Step #3: Follow up call 

Step #4: “Builder prospect call”

Step #5: “Builder follow up call”

✏️ Tools available to you:


Memory Jogger

Contact Experience Tracker (spreadsheet version): Follow the instructions to make your own virtual copy.
This tracker will guide you in moving your customer from experience to experience.
You will want to look at it every day and let it guide you in who to connect with! Use the memory jogger first to help you build this out.

💡 TIP: Download the Google Sheets app to your phone so you can update this tracker on the go! If you’d prefer to use a printable contact tracker, here you go.


Our team Followup Toolkit

Next Training:

On Day 9, you’re going to learn how to seal the deal

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