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Financial freedom is a key element of overall wellbeing. In this kit, you’ll learn more about the earnings potential within the doTERRA business opportunity. If you want more of a business overview:

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I recorded this business overview on 28th December, 2020:

Compensation Slide Deck:

Would you like to review compensation as a slide deck? Or perhaps you want to teach this in a webinar?

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What is your financial pipeline?

doTERRA is a place where you can create freedom that most people only dream of.
Many people spend their lives trading hours for dollars with no end in sight, never having the freedom to pursue their true passions and purpose. With doTERRA, you have the opportunity to write a new story …

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First let's talk about money...

In our world, there are 3 ways to earn it:

  1. Earned Income: exchanging your valuable time for money.

  2. Investment Income: having a portfolio where your money is invested in stocks, bonds, funds etc

  3. Passive/Residual Income: network marketing, eBooks, online programs,  movies etc

So there are two questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

  1. If you do nothing different, would you be happy in 5 years being in the same spot your are today

  2. Does your current income stream have a cap?

Here are 2 videos to reinforce why you want to be thinking about your financial pipeline:

5 Ways You'll earn:

The model of your doTERRA biz is simple: You succeed the more you help others succeed. 

Retail commission: You will have your own doTERRA website to send people where they can either pay full price retail or open up their wholesale pricing through the purchase of an enrolment kit. If they purchase items at the full retail price - you will earn 25% commission on that point value of the sale and it comes to you 1 month later. This is not a very popular option as most people will purchase at wholesale. See next point.

Enrolment commission: When you enroll someone with a starter kit, you will receive 20% commission on the point value of the sale and it comes to you weekly known as the fast start bonus. You continue to earn this bonus if your customer purchases again in the next 2 months. If you enroll someone that starts enrolling people you earn 10% commission on their enrolments. And this actually goes one more level to 5% commissions. CLICK HERE for more on this bonus. This will be your main income in your first year of business until you’ve grown a team that starts producing unilevel commission. See next point.

Unilevel Commission: This is a monthly commission that you are paid based on the overall sales of your doTERRA team that month.  This is what you earn after a customer you’ve enrolled is ordering beyond the initial 2 months and you earn between 2 - 7% depending on how low they are in your tree. Not only that - you earn off of the entire team below you so if you have people on your team that are enrolling, you earn 2- 7% off of that too. This is where doTERRA really stands out because it’s built for long term income. The lower people are in your team, the more you earn. Most other companies flip that so that you earn quickly right up front but then over time you stop earning through your team. Here’s the other piece within this that makes doTERRA unique: we have the highest retention rate in the industry of around 67%. Most other companies have between 10 - 15%. More customers in doTERRA continue to order than in any other direct selling company, because the product is incredible + life-changing and not hype.

Power of 3 bonus:  This is a monthly bonus based on the STRUCTURE of your team.  If you and 3 people on your front line are each purchasing 150 pv in products monthly … you’ll receive a $50 bonus.  If you help each of THOSE 3 people have 3 people onTHEIR front line purchasing 150 pv in products monthly … you’ll receive a $250 bonus. And that goes 1 more level deep where you will earn $1500 a month. CLICK HERE for more on this bonus.

Leadership bonus pools:  doTERRA offers monthly bonuses to those who build larger teams over time and reach the rank of SILVER and above.  One of the bonuses – the Leadership Performance Pool – is 2% of the topline, worldwide sales divided into payments for those who have reached the Silver Rank and above.  It is a GREAT additional bonus and continues to grow in value as the company grows.

Did you know that the lifetime value of 1 personal enrolment in doTERRA is $2390?
The industry average is $740 because no other company has the retention doTERRA does.



Here’s why:


The product sells itself, it works and it’s consumable: doTERRA has a 70% retention rate (compared to the industry average of 10%) of with an over 80% customer base (compared to the typical industry focus of recruiting without a good product)

And the compensation plan is built to support lifelong residual income: It’s not a get rich quick setup, and anyone who comes in with this motive will quit within 6 months.

doTERRA is the largest EO company in the world and the most recognised for quality

72% of people polled, believe there is scientific validity to EOs

80% of the 7 million people using doTERRA are customers

$320 million was gifted out through the Loyalty Rewards Program in 2018

You will not see numbers like this in any other network marketing company. There is no hype here ... there is true customer engagement + loyalty.



CLICK HERE to view the doTERRA Compensation Plan

CLICK HERE to learn about the comp plans that other companies use


CLICK HERE to view the 2018 doTERRA Opportunity + Earnings Disclosure 


CLICK HERE to look at the most recent company factsheet


CLICK HERE to for FAQ about Compensation 

CLICK HERE to learn about the Path to Freedom through the Ranks

CLICK HERE to read more about the doTERRA Bonus Pools.

The Compensation Plan:

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 2.30.40 am.png
Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 2.30.18 am.png

Value of Bonus Pools:

Empowerment Pool (when a premier/silver/gold enrolls 1 person: approx $200usd AND when a gold enrolls a 2nd person, they earn an additional $200usd)

Leadership Pool (Silvers receive 1 share, Golds receive 5 shares and Platinums receive 10 shares : approx $150usd each

Diamond Performance Pool (Diamonds receive 1 share, Blues receive 2 shares and Prez receives 3 shares): approx $1300usd each

Diamond Pool (Diamonds receive 3 shares): approx $950usd. Diamonds also receive a bonus of approx $2200usd when they have a new personally enrolled Premier

Blue Diamond Pool (BD receive 3 shares): approx $3400usd. BD also receive a bonus of approx $4700usd when they have a new personally enrolled Premier


Presidential Diamond Pool (PD receive 3 shares): approx $10,000usd each. PD also receive a bonus of approx $1300 when they have a new personally enrolled Premier and $10,000usd when they have a new personally enrolled Silver





Videos to watch about our comp plan:

Trying to Understand your Paycheck?

Group Qualifying Volume, Group Commissionable Volume: GQV basically means volume that qualifies for you to receive commission on. GCV means you actually got paid on it. If you didn't, it's usually because the WA is in their Fast Start period still.

Your OV (overall volume) is a lot higher than either of these because it's all the volume below you, regardless of whether you collect unilevel on it. The Commission Report only shows volume that qualifies for you to collect commissions on.

The ratio of GCV or GQV to OV doesn't reflect anything material to the performance of your business, IMO. OV by itself has meaning, though indirect, with regards to business performance. GCV is a direct measure of performance, meaning it's what you actually get paid on.

Conv is basically the conversion factor, for use in calculating the bonus on volume from countries/markets where the currency exchange rate is different than 1:1.  

Conv bonus is the bonus earned after the conversion factor has been applied. Ex. a team member in Mexico buys 101 PV.  

Know your numbers to grow them:

You need to know your numbers in order to grow them. Here are a few ways to track them:

If you like pen to paper, here are the rank sheets for the first 3 ranks (which all higher ranks build off of):




If you like to track digitally:

CLICK HERE for our team Business Tracker (you’ll need to make your own copy of this before you edit it by clicking File > Make a Copy)

QuickBooks or Xero for book keeping

Mile IQ to tracking personal + business mileage

Expensify for just expense tracking

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 2.56.37 am.png

Want to learn a simple approach for growing to Silver Rank?
Diamond Leader Ashley Srokosz
recorded this training.


Payroll Reminder

Payroll processes on the 15th of every month for the prior month. On the 13th or 14th - go do your dashboard tab in your back office. Select last month from the drop down menu and make sure your rank and power of 3 is what you expect for last month. Sometimes, returns happen and they can affect your rank!

Note: You can combine multiple LRP orders to hit the 100v to qualify for Power of 3 Bonus!

Business Lifestyle Shot- Share.jpeg

Videos about Placements:

Wholesale customer training materials:

Comparison WA versus WC.jpeg

Additional Videos and Resources:

Understanding Dynamic Compression + Unilevel with Guillaume Duvoux

Placements Webinar with Brianne Hovey

Why doTERRA? A skeptical perspective

Authentic Network Marketing with Brianne Hovey

The Art of Finding Builders with Kyle Kirschbaum

The Business Opportunity with Jessica Moultrie

Why doTERRA with Corey Lindley

Accounting Info:


Enjoy this special 8pg eBook created just for doTERRA teams 

(by a doTERRAian accountant)

CLICK HERE for ‘The World of Write Offs’ eBook

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