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31st October with any starting order of 100pv+

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Bedtime Bliss Starter Kit

Bedtime Bliss Starter Kit

AU$229.33Regular PriceAU$172.00Sale Price



Family Essential Collection Starter Kit with FREE Smart + Sassy

Family Essential Collection Starter Kit with FREE Smart + Sassy

AU$245.00Regular PriceAU$184.00Sale Price

For example:

And receive these oily gifts for FREE!


Passion Touch,
the Inspiring Blend



(Also known as the Loyalty Rewards Program - LRP)


Place a 125pv order by 15th of the following month to qualify to receive:

1) doTERRA's Free oil of the month (approx $25-30 value) 

as well as our ongoing team promotion -

2) The Essential Life book (Worth $50)!

Commonly referred to as the ‘Essential Oils Bible’ - this highly regarded reference tool will empower you to take care of your family’s needs with doTERRA’s oils and products. With the ability to look up any ailment, this beautiful book will provide you with the confidence and knowledge to use your oils aromatically, topically or internally using a full range of protocols and recipes. In addition to this - people who join doTERRA with any enrolment kit will also receive a $30 gift voucher to our retail shop

That means…

FREE doTERRA oils + support materials to the value of approx. $350 !!

FREE Passion Touch, the Inspiring Blend for Joining our Living Essential Oils Community with 100+ PV start-up order in October!

Spring is such a happy time when we think of new love + the birthing of creative projects
To honour your new projects and the special relationship you need to have with YOU and your significant other, please accept this gift of Passion Touch!
Diluted with Fractionated Coconut Oil, this 'Pure'fume is going to be a very special addition to your oil collection. Complete with Spices and Floral essential oils, you are going to attract and feel attractive always :-)
Jodi xx

10% off Exfoliating Body Scrub

doTERRA have timed this special right when we are wanting to leave our Wintery Skin Cells behind and glow from within!

It's time to pamper your hands, feet and whole body with this stunning sugar scrub complete with Kukui, Sweet Almond and Sunflower oil and scented with Grapefruit, Wild Orange and Ginger Essential Oils for cleansing, circulation and maximum GLOW! Enjoy!!

Exfoliating Body Scrub

Exfoliating Body Scrub

AU$41.00Regular PriceAU$36.90Sale Price

Gifts for Kit buyers this month:

Free Wellness Consult

with Jodi Naylor, Holistic Health Coach


Receive a free wellness consult worth $200 in person or over the phone.


If it is possible to get together in person, you will be able to also have a bioscan. An comuterised version on kineseology that assesses your body systems and then pairs you up to the doTERRA essential oils and wellness products that would best suit your physical, emotional, metal and spiritual needs.


Jodi uses muscle testing to assess this for you over the phone also.

When you purchase a kit from us we are going to deck you out with a whole bunch of tools and support material.


Welcome packs may differ to the image, but they usually contain all of these:


• doTERRA Living Magazine or Product Guide

• 2 x Roller Bottles

• 10 x sample vials

• Onguard toothpaste sample

• Shampoo + Conditioner sample

• Deep Blue Rub sample

• On Guard throat drop

• Easy Air throat drop

• Live guide (reference for recipes, how to order and more)

• Build Guide and Success Consult for those of you who are wanting to share and build a business with doTERRA

Business Builders Special

Are you serious about building a business that has you loving what you do every day and helping people change their lives?


Our Essential Oil team is growing very fast and we're accepting applications for people who want to find financial freedom and to changes lives. In just over five years, we have multiplied our family’s income and are in a position where we can travel and give back to charities that we love. And... we NEVER wake up saying “Ugh, I hate Mondays!”


If you are ready to take the plunge and you are ready to invest, open your whole sale account this month with the top of the line Oil Sharing Kit, we’ll give you access to our business building course, personal mentoring and strategy session. We have many successful people on our team now and it is growing exponentially. 


Fill out our Team Leader Application HERE!

We're excited to Launch your Biz with You!

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