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Products + Tools to support you on your essential oil journey...

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Products + Tools for DIY projects

Lotions bottles.jpg
500ml Glass Spray bottle.jpg
250ml Glass Spray bottle.jpg


500ml lotion bottle

250ml glass pump bottles

500ml spray bottle

250ml glass spray bottle

100ml spray bottles.jpg

100ml spray bottles

50ml Spray bottles.jpg

50ml spray bottles

30ml spray bottles.jpg
120ml Glass Dropper Bottles.jpg
60ml Glass Dropper Bottle.jpg
30ml dropper bottle.jpg

30ml spray bottles

120ml dropper bottle

60ml dropper bottle

30ml dropper bottle

10ml roller bottles.jpg

10ml roller bottle

5ml Stainless steel roller bottles.jpg
60ml glass jar.jpg
15ml tin.jpg
110ml Mason Jars.jpg
Foaming Handwash Dispenser.jpg

5ml coloured roller bottles

60ml glass jar

15ml tin (lip/heal/cuticle balm)

6 x 110ml mason jars

foaming handwash dispenser

Shaker Jar with Closure.jpg
Rainbow Spray Tops.jpg
Black Spray Tops.jpg
Droppers for 5ml bottles.jpg
Droppers for 15ml and 10ml bottles.jpg

shaker jar with closure

spray tops for 5ml + 15ml bottles

droppers for 5ml bottles

droppers for 15ml + 10ml bottles

spray tops for 5ml + 15ml bottles

Rainbow 10ml roller bottles.jpg
10ml dropper bottles.jpg
Roller Tops.jpg
Mini Plastic Funnels.jpg

10ml colourful roller bottles

10ml dropper bottles

roller tops for 5/15ml bottles


mini plastic funnels

50ml Glass Roller Bottle Deodorant Background Removed.png

large 50ml roller bottle

deodorant tubes.jpg

deodorant/balm tubes

Bath Bomb Moulds.jpg

bath bomb moulds

Heart Shaped Silicone Bath Bomb Moulds.jpg
Lip Balm Tubes.jpg

silicone heart-shaped moulds

lip balm tubes

Mascara Tubes.jpg
glass measuring beaker.jpg
glass funnel set.jpg

mascara tubes

glass measuring beaker

glass funnel set

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