Official doTERRA Kits:

Family Essentials w/ Smart + Sassy
Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box
Gourmet Cooking Wellness Box - $190
Home Essentials Kit - $330
AromaTouch Professional Kit - $242
Daily Usage Kit - $599.50
Oil Sharing Kit - $1390
Emotional AromaTherapy Enrolment Kit
doTERRA Touch Enrolment Kit - $300

When starting your dōTERRA wholesale account, there are a few options as to how and what you buy. These enrollment kits come with significant savings and benefits and waive the $35 membership fee. There are several to choose from but the most popular would be the Home Essentials Kit (see images above). You can always add an extra oil or two to your order if they’re not included in the kit. 


If you’re unsure how to go about purchasing oils please take a look at how to purchase essential oils.

Please note you do not have to purchase a kit, you can customise your order however you like.


benefits of an enrollment kit:

No $35 sign up fee.

Product discounted even lower than wholesale.

Great foundation to begin with.

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