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Join us to activate your next level of personal wellness


We offer this as a guided program several times a year or you can do it on your own anytime. View our calendar to see all dates.

To join, order your MetaPWR bundle + fill in the form below:


The path to optimal health is not as complicated as it seems, and we are going to help you trust your body in doing what it knows to do.

Do you have an interest in:

✨ glowing skin

✨ deeper sleep

✨ consistent energy

✨ improved cognition

✨ weight release

✨ maintain healthy blood sugar levels

✨ improved digestion

✨ stronger immunity

✨ less anxious feelings

✨ less cravings


All of this starts to integrate when you are metabolically healthy!

Through the purchase of the MetaPWR bundle through someone on our team, you'll receive instant + lifetime access to our community, resources + this program.

You can plug into the content at any time and then you'll be able to join us live for the guided program every year. (See our team calendar)

We have created this program to help you integrate doTERRA's MetaPWR System + Lifelong Vitality Supplements and give yourself a



Join us.png

To purchase vour kit, you will need the ID # of the person on our team that has invited you.

That will give you the 25% off price and ensure you are connected to our team to join us for METATHRIVE:

Testimonials are pouring in:

Click here to join the Testimonials Facebook Group with over 13,000 members

Ordering Info:

To join us for this free health program, you simply need to have the products in the MetaPWR Bundle if you are already enrolled as a customer on our team, you can add this kit to your next monthly order at your wholesale price.

If you aren't part of our community yet, connect with the person that invited you here. They will give you their enrolling ID to ensure you are connected into our community.

If you have their ID already, click here and select the MetaPWR Bundle from the AU/NZ warehouse.

In addition to the MetaPWR Kit, there are some other products we recommend to add to your order in the list below:

MetaPWR Health Kit.png

Some optional other items to consider for the program...

Screenshot 2023-07-16 at 12.34.48 am.png

When you go to purchase your kit, you will need the ID# of the person on our team that has invited you.

That will ensure you are connected to our team + can join us for our METATHRIVE program.

If you ahev ordered your kit and are ready to join us, fill in the form below to join our next offering of the program.

* this program is only available to those who are part of the Living Essential Oils Community (LWEO) or newly joining



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