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There’s a lot of mis-information out there regarding essential oil safety, mostly because you just can’t assume a customer is using a pure essential oil. In this guide, you’ll learn how to safely use doterra …
All of the information provided in this guide is recommended only when using doTERRA essential oils, the most pure, most trusted and most tested brand in the world.
You will often come across posts online or information from aromatherapists that create fear around using essential oils.

For decades - there was not a lot of research on essential oils or data collected on usage outcomes. There is also no governing body protecting the consumer from what might be in that bottle of essential oil they just purchased. This is why doTERRA’s CPTG stamp is so important. It’s doTERRA’s commitment to purity. One other important note - doTERRA has almost 6 million essential oil users around the world. This creates the largest database of usage information available …

Here are the main safety points:
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