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Over 20 wellness boxes curated by our team.
Choose your health goal + we show you what to order + how to use the products!


We've created this for you to help you know what to order in your monthly wellness box depending on your health goals.

If you aren't ordering through the monthly loyalty rewards program yet, we have all the juicy details through the button below:

Our favourite perks:

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It arrives on your doorstep

You can join or cancel for free at anytime

You're in complete control of what you order

You can qualify for free shipping

You unlock special pricing when you order LLV

You receive a free product every month, when your order is at least 125pv + ships before the 15th

You earn between 10 - 30% back on every order over 50pv. By the end of your first year, you lock in 30%

Essential Oil Resource Library...

Another great tool we want to be sure you're aware of is this Essential Oil Resource Library...


You can find what oils to use for almost any health concern.

How to order the Wellness Boxes:

If you already order through the monthly rewards program...

All you need to do is log in to your doTERRA store and edit your rewards cart with the items in the wellness box you want to receive.

You will want to place your order before the 15th of the month to receive the free monthly product!

If this is your first time placing a rewards order, CLICK HERE for how to set it up.


Click each box below to watch a 5 min video on how to use the products.

If you'd like to open up this content in PDF form, click the button 👇


Ask your upline to connect you to these resources if you don't have access:

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