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🎙 your audio coaching for today:

🗒 your actions for today:

Step #1: First, put everyone on the list you can think of.

Know who you are looking for

We are looking for the sweet spot

Think about influencers not just people who will join your business

Step #2: Rate your list according to the 7 characteristics or put influencer by the names of people that will refer others.


Has a Money/Time/Purpose Need

Age 30 - 55

Interested in Natural Things

Has Business/Sales Experience

Socially Influential

Has a Supportive Spouse

Step #3: Decide how you’re going to contact each one of the people on your list. 

In person

By phone



Social media: 💡 TIP: using voice to send a DM through Facebook or Instagram is a smart way to go!

Step #4: Decide whether you’re going to use a product approach or a business approach.

Step #5: Set up your daily/weekly recruiting schedule.

✏️ Tools available to you:

Memory Jogger

Contact Experience Tracker (spreadsheet version): Follow the instructions to make your own virtual copy.
This tracker will guide you in moving your customer from experience to experience. You will want to look at it every day and let it guide you in who to connect with! Use the memory jogger first to help you build this out.💡 TIP: Download the
Google Sheets app to your phone so you can update this tracker on the go! If you’d prefer to use a printable contact tracker, here you go.

Our team Followup Toolkit

Pro Tips:

When you are prompted to reach out to someone, do it as soon as possible.

Always followup when you say you will. This builds trust with your customer and yourself.

48% of people never followup with a contact and yet 80% of sales are made after at least 5 follow-ups

Remember - your contact wants to be confidently guided by you through each experience including the sale

Next Training:

On Day 2, you’re going to learn about recording your experience + establishing a recruiting schedule for yourself

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