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+ special team resources for you


You’re here because you’ve just completed either the 20 day momentum model or the 10 day find a builder program.

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Momentum Model Summary

Print this checklist to keep at your desk if you’re ever wanting to go back and refresh yourself on certain topics.
landing page has each of the days linked in order for you.

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After completing the Momentum Model, you’ll apply everything you’ve learned in your launch season (Which will have already begun or will be starting soon)
Your launch season is a period of 3 months where you teach weekly. (Or you can do the fast track version that Allyse talks about called ‘6 weeks to Elite’.)



Choose your adventure!

Do you want to enjoy having your monthly oils covered as a sustainable Elite rank leader?
Or would you like keep going?
All you basically need to do is to guide others through the model that you just went through.

And from here on, it’s simple math:

Help 3 people launch properly and you're SILVER
Help 9 people launch properly and you're PLATINUM
Help 12 people launch properly and you’re DIAMOND
Ultimately, help 54 people launch properly and you're PRESIDENTIAL

Monthly earnings by rank.png

Here is a simple checklist you can review with your new wellness advocates:

Launch Checklist.png

Finding Builders Program Summary:

Finding Builders Checklist Summary.png

Go through our 10 day ‘FINDING BUILDERS’ modules:




If you would like to maximise everything available to you as a Wellness Advocate on our LWEO team, grab your calendar...

First, have a look at our LWEO Team Google Calendar … You can scroll through the months using the arrows.
Or click the (+) button at the bottom of the image to integrate our team calendar into your personal google calendar:

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If you really want to be strategic and drive the growth of your business this year, we’ve created this Annual Strategic Launch Calendar for you:

Annual Strategic Launch Calendar.png

We have an incredible team library of assets that you can offer to your customers however you wish!
Click on each image to bring up the landing page or content. If it doesn’t pull up - ask your upline to send you the link:

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