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Products + Tools mentioned in the LWEO METATHRIVE 30 Day Program (for our doTERRA Community)

Products + Tools for the Program:

metaPWR Bundle Au NZ Transparent.png

metapwr kit

micronutrient supplement system

Turmeric Duochamber capsules

clean energy (caffeine-free)

turmeric capsules

body lotion for metapwr

Pump Bottles

lotion pump bottle

Canto_JUL_(2x3)_Nutrition Starter Pack_Vanilla.jpg

yarrow pom body serum

clean vanilla whey protein

Canto_JUL_(2x3)_JUL_Greens 351g.jpg

superfood greens powder

Canto_JUL_(2x3)_Fiber 323g.jpg

doterra fiber powder


organic clean coffee

swiss water filtered decaf

dandelion Blend tbags.jpg
Chaga Chunks.jpg
Crio Bru

dandy herbal drink (like coffee)

chaga tea chunks

crio bru ground cacao - coffee substitute
(use code: LWEO23 for 10% off)


keto coffee creamer 
(use code: LWEO23 for 10% off)

Instant Keto Coffee.jpg

ketogenic coffee

MCT oil.jpg

MCT oil

PepeSayaCulturedButterUNSALTED200g_1512x Medium.jpeg
oragnic cacao powder.jpg

grass fed butter

organic cacao powder

organic coconut milk.jpg

organic coconut milk

Turmeric Ginger Bone Broth.jpg

bone broth (grass fed)

Lemon Juice.jpg
Low carb Coconut Wraps.jpg

organic squeezed lemon juice

jerky (grass fed, no sugar)

coconut wraps

Keto Cups.jpg

keto cup (fat bomb)

Sea Salt.jpg

high quality sea salt



Rechargeable Hand Blender

rechargeable hand blender

Sisal Body Brush.jpg

sisal body brush

Dry Skin facial Brush_edited.jpg

face brush

Supplement organiser

supplement organiser

glass shaker bottle.jpg
Next Level Metabolism.jpg
Glucose Revolution.jpg

shaker bottle for Advantage

Next Level Metabolism

Glucose Revolution

Body Composition Scales
Blue light blockers.jpeg
vively blood glucose monitor.png

body composition scales

blue light blocking glasses
(use code LWEO for 15% off)

Vivaly - glucose monitor

7 day body reset

nutritionist appointment with Kylie Bucich

Products for Sampling:

Adhesive Dots.jpg
1_4 dram Dropper vials.jpg
zip lock bags.jpg
MetaPWR Trifold Sampler.png
Orange Padded Mailer.jpg
Mini Address Labels.jpg
round labels.jpg

adhesive dots

sample vials

5 x 7 cm zip lock bags

Advantage trifold sampler

padded mailers

mini labels

round labels


Jodi's Daily Routine:

I'm not writing this to prescribe the perfect routine for you, but rather to inspire you to take bits and pieces of what I'm sharing and make it your own. Having a routine you can stick to is so important to really get the most out of your supplements + products! 

I store my supplements in a tackle box like the one pictured above, and I label each compartment. This method is super convenient for travelling, since I can easily slip the case into my handbag or suitcase and grab whatever I need! 

Blend up Advantage collagen powder with 1/2 squeezed lemon (or tbsp of pure lemon juice) in 2 cups of water. I usually have this and then do a workout.

Sometimes I blend up a bulletproof coffee with a scoop of organic coffee, 2 cups hot water, MCT oil and a tbsp of organic grass fed butter (with a drop of either cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla or wild orange)
(I do this to stretch my fasting window... fasting from carbs/sugar + protein)

I either have a smoothie (with vanilla whey + greens powder) or platter of egg, veg, fruit, cheese + crackers. Take the following supplements: LLV, Terrazyme, Mito2max, Phytoestrogen

I have 1L water with 2-4 drops MetaPWR blend (in between meals) Total of about 2.5L water a day.

I'll often have a keto cup or some nuts + a tea (or decaf coffee)

I'll often pop a MetaPWR gum if I'm at my desk in the afternoon

Have Assist capsule 15-30 mins before eating. And then take other supplements after dinner: LLV, Terrazyme

If I'm still feeling peckish around 8pm, I'll make up a warm drink with 1/2 cup coconut milk, hot water, a tbsp cacao and some dandi tea or chaga and blend it up. Or I'll sip on the fiber powder drink. I try not to consume anything else past 8.30pm to avoid disturbing my sleep and to give my body a solid 12 hrs fasting window before I have fats in the morning (which continues my fasting from sugar/carbs/protein until noon)

I often take 2 Serenity Softgels, a MetaPWR softgel + PB Assist

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