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How do I move to a different Team?
How do I move under a different Wellness Advocate?

These aren’t common questions, but they do get asked occasionally. Most of the time it is because someone signed up as a Wellness Advocate with someone and then they lost contact. Their enroller moved away; isn’t doing it as a business; or stopped ordering for one reason or another, are the most common things we hear. As a general rule, we would like people to bloom where they are planted, meaning prosper and get support where they started and if the person who enrolled them isn’t available then someone else in the team above them steps in and helps out.

One problem is how do they find out who that person is? It is easy, just log into your account and click on the Team Tab. On the left hand side there is an option for Upline Listing. Click that and it will give you a list. If there is someone you know on that list directly above you, reach out to them. If not, skip names until you see someone who is Silver rank or above and contact them. It is really rare that someone Silver or above won’t welcome you and help you. I know we love it when I have someone reach out to me from my team.

If you go to that section and see ‘Orphan’ it means you aren’t assigned to a team. In that case you get to choose! We always welcome orphans on our team and have people all over the world so don’t hesitate to reach out because we’d love to have you. Generally orphans happen when people enrol through doTERRA's website and don’t put in someone’s name as enroller. If you don’t know anyone on your upline listing you may have accidentally enrolled using the wrong Wellness Advocate ID#.
Visit here for more info on Orphan accounts: Orphan

On rare occasions someone wants to move because of another reason. Things like a relationship that has been irrevocably broken, a divorce, ethics issues or another serious issue. When we hear those it always makes us really sad because we believe your essential oil experience should bring joy in your life not the opposite. For years I always took that stance that in those situations you need to call the company to find out what your options are or read the policy manual (see below). The main reason I did so was because the policy manual strictly prohibits cross recruiting (aka trying to lure someone to your team). After several discussions I realised that approach is incorrect. Providing information isn’t the same as trying to get someone to move to your team.

There are a couple of options available to you to move. First, go to your virtual office and click on Consultant Services and My Orders and look up the date of your last order. If it has been six month ago then you are eligible to move immediately under the person of your choice.

  • No order in six months:

Email: placements with the following template, first making sure the enroller name and member ID# is correct and talk to them to find out the information of the sponsor they want you under:


Member ID# requesting change: (Insert your name and number here)

Member ID# to be moved: (insert your name and number here)

New Enroller: (insert name and number here), i.e., Jodi Naylor #242240

New Sponsor: (insert name and number here or leave blank for same). Generally you’ll have a conversation with your Enroller and they’ll give you that information.


  • No order in twelve months:

Do the same as above except put reactivation in the subject line of the email and include the sentence:
‘I wish to reactivate my account and make the following move’.
It is very very important to remember when you do this you must order in the calendar month that you are reactivated or your account will revert back to inactive status. You’ll receive an email when the move is complete.

Options for people who’ve ordered within the last six months:


  1. Stop ordering for six months. Some people create a Preferred Customer account under the person they are moving to in the interim. You can have a Preferred Customer account and a Wellness Advocate account at the same time. You may not have two Wellness Advocate accounts open at the same time.

  2. Exception Request. This is the hardest way to move. There are several criteria that have to be met for the request. The move cannot increase rank of someone, it cannot create a Power of 3 bonus for anyone and it cannot appear those things will happen shortly afterwards. In addition, it is a form that must be signed by everyone who receives a commission on your orders. That means that it can require up to ten signatures. The three people on your enrolment tree must sign and the seven people on your sponsor tree must sign. Sometimes they are the same people but there are often times when they are not. Should you elect to take that route you should contact all of those people before sending the form around. All of them must consent to sign it so if one person refuses then it will be automatically declined. Even with that criteria, the company reserves the right to refuse to approve the request.


Ways you may NOT move your account:

  1. Enrol your spouse. A married couple can only have one joint account. Duplicate accounts are suspended.

  2. Create a tax identification number (EIN) and enrol your ‘business’. You can only have a financial interest in one account. When this is discovered the account will be suspended.

  3. Create a corporation and enrol it. This falls under financial interest and is not allowed. When it is discovered the account will be suspended.


Someone may have told you that one of the above options is okay. It is not! It is violating the policy manual and when the company catches it, (and they will), they’ll suspend the new account and you’ll have to go back to your old one. That means if you’ve build up a certain level of Loyalty Rewards Point Percentage it will revert back to 10%. If you’ve build a team that team stays and does not go to your old account. Please do not do this. If someone suggests this then either one of two things has happened, they just don’t know the rules or they are willing to break them. Ask yourself if they are willing to break that rule, do they have the integrity that you want to work with? Will they follow other rules and respect boundaries and have your best interest at heart?

Remember if you elect to move to another enroller/team two things are guaranteed to happen:

  1. Your original enroller or their upline will always find out.

  2. There will likely be hurt feelings over it.



This post has no intention to encourage or recruit anyone to move from the enroller or team they are currently under. The intention is to list answers to frequently asked questions. Please review the company policy manual for detailed information.

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