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An Orphan is someone who enrolled  directly on the company website and didn’t enter number of the Wellness Advocate who introduced them to the company or they didn’t have someone they were working with.

How do you tell if you are an Orphan?

Simply log onto your account and click on the TEAM tab. On the Left Hand side under My Business you’ll see Upline Listing and a little box that looks a little like a calculator. If you hover over it the word Report should pop up. Click on that icon.  You’ll get a report that says Upline listing. The first name on the list is your enroller. If it says ‘Orphan’ then you don’t have a designated enroller.

Orphans can elect to choose the enroller of their choice that they’d like to work with. This option can only be used once. The company has a special process to exercise this option. I recommend that you carefully consider who you’d like to be your enroller. That person is going to be the person that you receive support from and should be someone you feel comfortable enough with to talk about health issues with and is willing to help you. If you are choosing to create a business they should be someone you feel confident that can help you succeed. Your enroller doesn’t have to be in your same location to be successful at either.If you are an orphan looking for a team to join, I’d love to have you join my essential oil family and I’m always happy to chat to see if I’m a good fit for you.

How do I do this?

You simply email placements using the following template:

I have orphan status and chose the following for my enroller and sponsor: 

WA requesting change: (Insert your name and number here)

WA to be moved: (insert your name and number here)

New Enroller: (insert name and number here), i.e., Jodi Naylor #242240

New Sponsor: (insert name and number here or leave blank for same)

Note: You always should contact the person who will be your new enroller because most team leaders will want to choose a Sponsor for you so you have two people to support you.


You can continue to order as you did before and placements will send two emails, the first is an auto respond notice that they received the request and a second one when the transfer is finalised.

I thought I was an Orphan but there is a name listed as my upline. What do I do?

Contact that person and connect with them so they can help and support you. If they aren’t available I suggest looking at the list and contacting the next person on the list that is a Silver, Gold, Platinum or Diamond. They will always be willing to help.

I’ve never heard from my upline… I had a falling out with my upline… my upline won’t respond to me… I’d rather work with someone else… etc. What do I do?

We’d like to see you bloom where you are planted. We all work together to help you and there are many many resources for you. Keep going up the list of people on your upline until you find someone who is a good fit. I’ve never heard of a situation where someone in your upline isn’t willing to help.

Is there any way to move to another enroller/team?

Yes. It isn’t encouraged but there are options. I always recommend talking with the person who enrolled you. Almost always it is a situation where there is a miscommunication that can be resolved.

Remember if you elect to move to another enroller/team two things are guaranteed to happen:

  1. Your original enroller or their upline will always find out.

  2. There will likely be hurt feelings over it. 


For more information on moving under another person or team visit: Moving Options

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