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Water, one of mother nature's greatest relief in birth <3

Most Pure and Therapeutic Grade essential oils are safe to use during pregnancy. As skin is more sensitive during this special time it is (of course) important to use common sense. Diluting with fractionated coconut oil is the best way to go. No matter which oil brand you are loyal to, one thing every essential oil lover will agree to is that you need to use pure, therapeutic-grade oils. That means you need to choose a brand that does rigorous testing of their oils to ensure that there are no harmful synthetic nasties present and that the label says exactly what's in the bottle.

Be sure to choose an essential oil that isn’t 'cut' with a carrier oil. Chances are, if you’re buying a large bottle of essential oil at a low price, it’s not a pure oil. Pure essential oils tend to come in smaller bottles and carry a higher price tag. Thankfully 1 or 2 drops is normally all you need so a little goes a long way and the bottles tend to have a longer shelf life.

There are a few oils I’m 100% comfortable using during pregnancy due to personal experience and advice from fellow dōTERRA users I really trust.


Balance : 1 or 2 drops on wrists and back of neck for emotional stability and instant zen!

Bergamot : muscle spasms.

Frankincense : 1 or 2 drops on temples and across forehead to stop headaches. Soles of feet for immune support. Dilute with fractionated coconut oil and apply on hips and legs to stop restless legs

Geranium : Offers relief with varicose veins, soothes skin and hemorrhoids.

Ginger : improves appetite and supports digestion.

Lavender : 1 or 2 drops on the soles of feet and wrists to help with sleep. Pregnant mum's also find that 2 drops of lavender diluted with fractionated coconut oil on their growing belly daily to stop itching and stretch marks.

Lemon : general cleaning around the home instead of using toxic cleaning products from the supermarket, eases congestion when applied directly on nose.

Peppermint : 1 drop on or under the tongue for instant relief of nausea.

Sandalwood : deep sleep, relaxing.

Wild Orange : fatigue, constipation, reflux.

Ylang Ylang : increases libido, depression, frustration, pre eclampsia, reduces blood pressure.

Other info that’s good to know :

Peri spray for perineum damage : 20 – 30 drops Salubelle in 15 ml glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of bottle with fractionated coconut oil. Spray on area each time you change pad.

Swollen feet : apply 2 drops of lemongrass, grapefruit and cypress diluted on 1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil, massage into week, ankles and calves upwards towards the heart.

Breastfeeding sore, cracked nipples : myrrh, geranium, sandalwood, frankincense.

Use peppermint essential oil sparingly near the end of your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Mint is known to decrease milk production.

Breastfeeding mastitis : If you feel like a blocked duct may be forming whilst breastfeeding or even nasty mastitis massage 1 drop of melaleuca, clove, thyme, oregano, rosemary, wild orange and citrus bliss hourly to breasts (avoiding nipple).

Need to increase your milk supply? Fennel and basil applied all over the breast (avoiding nipple) 3 times daily. No need to wash off as it absorbs very quickly.

Postnatal depression : diffuse geranium, lavender, sandalwood and ylang ylang.

Afterpains/contractions : apply 1 or 2 drops lavender and white fir to lower abdomen for relief.

Avoid Clary Sage during your pregnancy, midwives everywhere know of it's benefits for suportting effective contractions. This is ONLY required when about to give birth!

reference material :

* Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth and Babies by Stephanie Fritz is a great source to have for this special time. We love this book!

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