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It's common knowledge that our body needs a good night's sleep. A child only grows when they are asleep and your body repairs itself from free-radical damage during a good night's sleep.
The path to optimal health is not as complicated as it seems, and we are going to help you trust your body in doing what it knows to do. 
Through the purchase of the Bedtime Bliss Starter Pack through someone on our team, you’ll receive instant + lifetime access to our community and this program. You can plug into the content at any time and then plan to join us for the guided program every year!
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✔️ Anchoring the daily + evening habits that create glowing heath
✔️ Doing a ritual reset and integrating habits that are from your higher self
✔️ Releasing weight + habits that are no longer serving you
✔️ Turning the taps on for optimal health + happiness 
to flow!

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Wellness is the result of our lifestyle and daily routine

and optimal health is naturally achieved through incremental daily habits.

The Healthy Habits collection is a foundational kit for anyone that is interested in anchoring the daily routine that turns on all body systems to flow as they are designed to do!

🎥 Watch to learn some of the experiences + testimonials people in our community have had with the products in this kit!

So … when this collection launched, we knew it was time to put the HOL:FIT stamp on it and offer a program to you as part of our oil community, that takes this experience to a whole new level!


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We have created

a value-packed program

to guide you in your nutrition, exercise, deeper sleep,
emotional health + self care!

Our brilliant team of educators have curated videos, recipes, day in the life templates,
workouts and tracking sheets for you ...

Whether you join us for the:

➕ glowing skin
➕ deeper sleep
➕ consistent energy
➕ improved digestion
➕ stronger immunity
➕ less anxious feelings
⠀⠀Or perhaps an overall feeling of ‘I’ve got this'?
This is your time … and we're going to do this together!
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You can do this program at any time

because we have the program and the 7 days of foundation building habits laid out for you in an organised way in our private Facebook Group:


This program is available to you for FREE as a valued customer in our Living Essential Oils community! 

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