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Autumn Harvest Diffuser Blend

A couple of evenings ago Mark and I did our bioscans. We are generally doing them for our team members to help them with their health and their family's. However, this night, it was our turn.

My scan came up with the blend Zendocrine - the Detoxification Blend.

Zendocrine is normally an oil that you wold use on a seasonal basis (every 3 months) to do an organ cleanse and engine overhaul :-) It is fabulous for supporting and cleansing not only the liver, but also the skin and lungs too. I prefer to use the Zendocrine softgels for convenience sake. However Zendocrine was originally only available as the oil blend and it recommended to take 1 drop each day for gentle cleansing support for 15-20 days or so.

I opened up the bottle right-away to have a smell - it was divine to my senses!! I love how sometimes the right oil that might not seem very appealing on one day can really smell like it's what you have been longing for on another day!

Zendocrine contains: Tangerine Peel, Rosemary Leaf, Geranium Plant, Juniper Berry, Cilantro Herb essential oils.

It's Aromatic Description is described as: Herbaceous, pungent + floral

Emotionally, this blend is described as the oil of Transition in the book Emotions and Essential Oils by Daniel McDonald.

I really recognised that as the gale force winds blew on our Blue Mountains cottage these last few days and nights and almost swept us away, that Autumn is the time of the harvest. The apples are on the orchards and the colours of Autumn are bright and warming.

We are transitioning into cooler weather and emotionally I am transitioning into a new chapter both for our business and the role I play as a mother. Our children are becoming more independent and enjoying this. The 'birth' of our new website Living with Essential Oils has felt like a new baby to focus on and it has been a steep learning curve!

Growing and stretching into who we have to become always means that we have to let go also. Cleansing is a natural part of that both internally, emotionally and environmentally.

I hope this find you well and ready for your harvest to come in!

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