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Be prepared for Winter with the Immune Bomb!

So many people we know are struggling with Winter lately. e

We choose the preventative model of healthcare with wholefood supplementation, Friendly Bacteria in the gut with our PB Assist+ probiotic and we also love to use the Immune Bomb in a roller bottle for 1 month before the onset of the chilly Blue Mountains Winter. It works a treat!

It's safe enough for the kids to apply to their own feet and the whole experience is a family bonding one <3

Recipe is as the image suggests:

16 drops Lemon

15 drops On Guard

15 drops Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

12 drops Oregano

10 drops Frankincense

all in a 10-15ml roller bottle and then topped up with a carrier oil.

Be mindful that if a few extra drops fall in, that's ok. You can even add some other anti viral oils oils like Eucalyptus, Melissa or Rosemary. That's the wonderful thing with our oils, is that with time and experience, you will become the expert too!

We choose to use Fractionated Coconut oil because of it's tiny molecular structure means that it penetrates the outer layers of the skin really well, it's odourless, anti-fungal and stays liquid. Just perfect for making roller ball remedies with!

Apply The Immune Bomb

• to the bottoms of feet. If you can do it 2 x daily for 3 weeks you will have set yourself up for Winter really well!

• To the neck (and around the glands under the jaw bone) if you feel a niggellly throat coming on

• Along the spine (you might need some help here) but you can apply it to your kids this way too

The wonderful thing is that this is just as much a preventative as it is an option for the 'reactive' model of healthcare (ie, when something goes wrong and we're not well!)

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing how you go this Winter :-)

Jodi xo

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