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The journey to wellness starts with knowledge

When doTERRA first launched in 2012, two doTERRA leaders, Lil Shepard and Dr Susan Lawton ran a weekly conference call. The call ran through one oil or product in detail each week. Much like what we are doing with our Wednesday Webinars.


The following information sheets were written by Dr Lawton to supplement the call. They were publicly available as free educational material by Dr Lawton for our oils and products before the FDA cracked down on compliance on all natural therapies in the US. Sadly lot of priceless information has been lost.


The good (and GREAT) thing, though is that doTERRA have successfully become compliant and are not in the firing line for litigation or worse.


We are offering you these information sheets for YOUR PRIVATE USE ONLY. If this privilege is abused we will have to remove them. 


We hope that you respect this request and we also hope that you enjoy this information fully!! For your family's and friends benefit in growing your own essential oil knowledge-base.

Oil Blends

Oil Blends

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